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Ancient Greek. So, in other words, thousands of years ago.
The biggest two difficulties with making this costume were working with such thin fabrics (the guaze-like material for the dress and the sheer for the belt and veil) and sewing with the trim. I don't typically go out and buy things for my projects. Being either cheap or frugal or both, I collect remnants and things from thrift stores occasionally and am given scraps from friends sometimes, and usually I just make do with what I have. I actually did splurge, however, a full $1.19 on getting a spool of trim, because, well, face it, the trim is about the only thing that makes this costume look like something more than a Barbie nightgown. And this trim was a nightmare. It wanted to fray and unravel. The dress itself too, ended up nightmarish, because once I got to the final stages I realized the fabric was so thin that I wouldn't be able to put snaps into it without them potentially ripping out of the fabric. If I'd realized it sooner, I would have doubled up the bodice, but, as it was, I ended up having to sew reinforcement into the back opening. Well, it turned out in the end. Hey, this pattern was supposed to be relatively easy, right? Hmmm....
The picture doesn't show the veil or the split sleeves much. Those are arm bands, not sleeve cuffs, by the way. I had to put it against a darker backdrop because the dress was rather blending in with my typical white background.

1. An almost identical example

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"O Fates, come, come, Cut thread and thrum" -Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream